How to Play?


The objective of the game is to accrue the most points scored in the Enduro World Series events by selecting the best team of athletes for each event. The better your athletes perform, the more points your fantasy team receives...

Team Selection

Each player may select up to 5 different men and 5 different women for their team (10 racers total). Teams are fixed as of 12PM the night before the race. Team selection reopens after the races are scored. Open or closed team selection status is on the main dashboard as well as the set lineup page

Please note: Lineups are cleared after each week of racing. Lineups needs to be set each week!


Scoring will happen as soon as the results are officially posted on the Enduro World Series website. Each user is allocated points based on their team selection.

Scoring Tables

Races are scored using the scoring tables highlighted in the Enduro World Series Rule Book

Bonus Points

A user may also get bonus points by guessing the correct order of the top 3 in the Men's or Women's race. 250 bonus points are awarded for guessing the Men's top 3 correctly and 200 bonus points are awarded for guessing the Women's top 3 correctly.

If you notice any discrepancies or errors in the scoring please let us know!


Leagues are a fun way to keep track of how you are doing against your friends. Users can create public or private leagues and invite their friends. The list of leagues can be found here.

Public vs. Private Leagues

Leagues are either public or private. Anybody can join a public league, where as a user will need to be invited by the league owner to join a private league. League invites will be sent via email and will also show up in the main navigation.

League Chat

Users can chat amongst each other in leagues. Discuss lineups, talk gear, smack talk, etc...just try and keep it PG!


First place overall after 8 rounds wins a Vittoria Morsa 27.5 tire and a Vittoria snapback!

We are still looking for prizes for the rest of the podium. If you are interested in sponsoring Fantasy EWS please drop us a line!